Synergy Videography has helped business owners and speakers build their brand, their audience and buyers for the last 10 years. 

  • At times hiring a personal videographer can be cost prohibitive. I’ve compiled individual modules of my knowledge and experience that has helped my clients increase their income and audience goals. Now available to you is a convenient collection of the core 5 modules.
  • No matter your skill level with videography you can easily up your game and your influence with the use of these training modules. 
  • The videos are designed to respect your budget and filmed to respect your time. 
  • As virtual business becomes more and more of our reality, the subconscious secrets I share with you on video are easy to implement and make a vast difference in your results. 

Why Now?

If you find your business becoming more and more virtual, and want to have more influence on camera, grow your audience and shorten the time it takes to turn someone into a buyer - this is for you!

Client Review:

Ted Prodromou

I've been working with Jade for over 3 years and she is amazing. Her attention to detail and knowledge of videography is second to none.

Jade and her team are very easy to work with and the quality of their work is excellent. 5 stars!

Client Review:

Aleasha Bahr

Jade is one of the best photographers and videographers I've ever worked with. If you're like me and have no idea how to pose, what your good angle is, what good lighting is, etc. - then you should absolutely work with Jade. She's meticulously detail oriented in her approach and clear with direction. I told her the vibe I wanted and she told me what to do to achieve that and everything turned out better than I could have hoped! Highly, highly recommend.

Client Review:

Alison Repp

I hired Synergy Videography to film a series of videos for a mindset bootcamp I was creating. Jade made the process super easy and I loved that she offers feedback on tone, facial expressions, etc if you are looking for it. She is super picky about having everything absolutely perfect and I really appreciated that!!! At first I was filming the videos on my own but hiring Jade was the best choice I could have made because it saved me hours and hours of extra work with editing, music clips, etc. Worth every penny!!! And I get SO many compliments on my videos... people take me very seriously because of them!

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Basic Plan Monthly Subscription

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Basic Membership

Incredible brand videos that generate sales and client relationships are worth their weight in gold. 

There’s not a single video Synergy Videography creates that doesn’t focus on your profit as the end goal. 

And that’s why Synergy Videography is different. 

Yes we have a passion for detail and quality, a designer’s eye to differentiate your unique brand …but the thing we care about most is how video will make your business more successful. 

We’re the kind of company that listens to your vision and end goal and reverse engineers it into a beautiful, high quality, visual reality that achieves your goals. 

The fact that we’re an absolute pleasure to work with is simply icing on the cake!