Synergy Videography has helped business owners and speakers build their brand, their audience and buyers for the last 10 years.

  • At times hiring a personal videographer can be cost prohibitive. I’ve compiled individual modules of my knowledge and experience that has helped my clients increase their income and audience goals. Now available to you is a convenient collection of the core 5 modules.
  • No matter your skill level with videography you can easily up your game and your influence with the use of these training modules. 
  • The videos are designed to respect your budget and filmed to respect your time. 
  • As virtual business becomes more and more of our reality, the subconscious secrets I share with you on video are easy to implement and make a vast difference in your results. 

You might think being on video is about putting on a show but when it comes to business, nothing could be further from the truth.

People avoid anything that feels false. Instead, discover how to authentically represent yourself on camera in a way that builds trust, business and brings in your favorite customers.

In this module discover how to: 

  • Identify what makes you "different from" not "better than" in a way that draws your ideal client like a magnet
  • Build trust and create raving fans by being your authentic self on video
  • Avoid subconsciously repelling your ideal client with mixed and inauthentic messages

Client Review: Michelle Hoglan

​Absolutely LOVE working with Jade! So professional, fun and forward thinking, they made me feel so comfortable during the filming process and beyond. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them for projects going forward!​

Client Review: Mark Hardcastle

Jade has done outstanding work for me on multiple occasions. I can't rate her highly enough!

Client Review: Ariane Mullen

Jade created an amazing vid for me from a speech I gave that I have been able to use to promote my practice! Thank you Jade! And at competitive prices!

Attracting Your VIP Client Authentically

  Attracting Your VIP Client Authentically
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Synergy EDU

Incredible brand videos that generate sales and client relationships are worth their weight in gold. 

There’s not a single video Synergy Videography creates that doesn’t focus on your profit as the end goal. 

And that’s why Synergy Videography is different. 

Yes we have a passion for detail and quality, a designer’s eye to differentiate your unique brand …but the thing we care about most is how video will make your business more successful. 

We’re the kind of company that listens to your vision and end goal and reverse engineers it into a beautiful, high quality, visual reality that achieves your goals. 

The fact that we’re an absolute pleasure to work with is simply icing on the cake!